Vacuum Frying, A Better And Healthier Alternative Option Than Conventional Frying

In relation to health, vacuum fried snack products that are low in fat, calories, carbohydrates, and sodium and rich in fibre and vitamins are becoming of great interest.


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Crunch fried chips, caution!

Fried fruits and vegetables snacks, no doubt, are popular in the world. A typical 1.5 ounce potato chip which is made with atmospheric deep frying process will run you 223 calories, plus 14 grams of fat and 221 mg of sodium and have been consistently reported to have the highest concentrations of acrylamide which will raise the risk for cancer.

Vacuum frying, a better and healthier alternative option than conventional frying





carried out at below atmospheric pressure

Boiling point of water reduces

Higher temperatures are not required to remove moisture from food

Nutrients loss is reduced especially for heat sensitive nutrients, retain original nutrients, vitamins, colour, taste of the natural foods

Decrease the acrylamide content, Frying oil temperature can be kept below 248°F point at which acrylamide forms.

Vacuum frying can be used to fry high sugar fruits and fresh vegetables with no sugar burning during frying.

Slowed the rancidity of the oil, longer service time for frying oil

The absence of air during frying

Inhibit oxidation including lipid oxidation, enzymatic browning

the color and nutrients of fried samples can be largely preserved

Higher heat transfer coefficient

Low moisture content (<6%) and low water activity (aw<0.3), long shelf life and more crispness.

Centrifuge defatting under vacuum

Significantly lower oil content in final products

Healthy snacks