Industrial Smokehouse Features Faqs

Smoke house is widely used to process sausage, ham, pork, mutton, poultry and aquatic products.What is the feature of our smoker oven?


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u>Smoke house is widely used to process sausage, ham, pork, mutton, poultry and aquatic products. Not only cooking, drying, smoking and baking, but also cold smoking, roasting, showering and cooling is option.

What is the feature of our smoker oven airflow?

Cooking in an industrial smoker oven relies upon airflow.

The ability to direct the oven’s airflow to each area of the rack will result in a more consistently cooked product throughout.

The unique airflow technology with a larger size fan allows you to maintain horizontal airflow, vertical airflow, or anything in between.

How to operate this smoke house?

PLC operation panel with touchable screen interface

provides convenient supervision. User can set particular program and adjust production process flexibly.

What kinds smoke generator is offered?

Variety smoke generator includes external woodchip-smouldered smoke generator, internal woodchip-fired smoke generator and Sawdust smoke generator.

What heat source is available for our smoker oven?

Either steam or electric heating are heating source option.

Is our smoker oven sanitation?

High performance clean system, the clean program can be set in the PLC control system.

What are other features?

Stainless Steel 304 welded constructions with walls,

roof, and doors fully insulated and all stainless steel internal piping are standard configuration.

Maintenance friendly