How French Fries Are Made

How French Fries are made? A frozen French fries process prepared from fresh potatoes includes potato peeling, trimming, cutting into strips, blanching, dehydration, par frying and quick freezing prior to finish frying.


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French fries are superior in overall quality, are crisper, taste better and have a better texture internally. When the consumer is ready to prepare French fries, it is need to merely immerse the frozen French fries which are industrially produced in a deep fryer as a fish frying.

A frozen French fries process prepared from fresh potatoes is descripted as follows,

Potatoes are washed to remove some of the dirt and may then be sized prior to peeling.

After washing, the potatoes are dropped into peeling machines, either abrasive potato peeler or roller peeling machine.

The peeled potatoes are trimmed on sorting belts. Each potato is picked up by operators, examined for defects, trimmed if necessary.

Potatoes go to the potato slicer, which usually consist of two set of knives either rotary or fixed. One set of knives slices the potato to the desired thickness. The potato slices are then passed through another set of knives, which cut the slices to strips if desired.

During cutting potatoes into strips, there is always a certain amount of slivers. It is usually to pass the potato strips over shaker screen to remove a portion of the small pieces and slivers.

The slices are usually run through a hot water potato fries blancher at a temperature of 160-190 F for 3-8 minutes, in which partially cooks the product.

This destroys enzyme activity and removes excess sugars. The starch in potato slowly turns to sugar during storage, so the blancher helps maintain a constant sugar level at all times to ensure the fries have a consistent texture and colour.

After blanching, the product may pass an air drying process with forced draft, which tends to remove most of the excessive moisture before entering the fryer.

Par Frying
Frying of the potato fries is usually by means of a continuous fryer in which potato fries are immersed in frying oil of 350 to 370 F for a short period of time. Potato fries lose up to 30 to 40% of their weight during frying.

Fat or Oil
Any animal or vegetable fat or oil which does not impart an unpleasant flavor to the French fries is suitable for the purpose. However peanut oil, cotton-seed oil, or mixtures of vegetable oils including some amount of soybean oil are also used.

One of the biggest difficulties in proper frying is to maintain the fat or oil in good condition. Fats and oils deteriorate rapidly with the addition of water under high temperature. Usually the oil is filtered continually to remove charred materials and is thus kept clean.

The potato strips were then pass through IQF quick freezer until they were frozen to a temperature of about 0 F.

After frying
Thereafter the frozen strips were removed from the freezer, packaged for serving. When frozen French fries are immersed in a deep fat frying bath for a period of 2 ½ minutes at a fat temperature of 325 F as a finish frying process, and then salted, it is ready for eating. The French fries are crisp, had a crunchy mouth-feel, and the interior texture was desirably mealy.