Comparison Of Various Individual Quick Freezing

As unfrozen fresh material is of different dimenstion, to make a quick freeze process is subject to various Individual Quick freezing methods.


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The largest ice crystal zone should be generated as quickly as possible. The ice crystal formed by quick freezing has many fine and uniform crystals, and the water transfers from the cells to the outside of the cells less, so as not to cause mechanical damage to the cells. The undestroyed cell tissue in the frozen state can maintain its original position after proper thawing, and play its original role, which is conducive to maintaining the original nutritional value and quality of the food.

Comparison of Various Individual Quick freezing

Method of freezing

Typical film

heat transfer coefficient

Typical freezing times

for specified foods to -18℃ (min)

Blast (5 ms-1) 25-30 15-20 Unpackaged peas
Spiral belt 25 12-19 Hamburgers; fish fingers
Fluidized bed 90-140 3-4 Unpackaged peas
Fluidized bed 90-140 15 Fish fingers